30 November 2005

The Felties
I am digging deep into my personal journals for this entry. I guess I was inspired a bit by Michelle Zacharia's blog (found via Andrew over at Puppetvision.) Michelle is working on a shadow puppet project, and her blog reveals a deep and personal passion for what she's doing. So I've decided to pluck up my courage and get personal.
So here are some of my early thoughts about The Felties.
* * *
Treat Felties as a web-comic. Same type of humor, site-gag & "punchy" verbal humor. NOT puppetry sketches. Serialized comedy.
This means HIGH FREQUENCY of "webisodes." But -- short webisodes. I DON'T want people to have to download FOREVER.
The overall look of the project
  • Primary and secondary colors (felt squares - duh!)
  • Any patterns are simple patterns; "kindergarten" simple.
  • SIMPLICITY - I want people to see it and think "I could've done that.!"
  • Not "cartoony" but simple. Like Picasso's drawing of a bull. Minimalist - but minimalist like a circus poster. Simple, but ALIVE and QUICK AND EASY TO GRASP.
  • No real attempt to be "edgy" or "hip." Just letting the property BE what it wants to be -- letting it evolve naturally.

The look of the website

  • All of the above plus: No need for bells & whistles (i.e. Flash animation). Those can come later if needed.
  • IMPORTANT: I have limitations as a web designer. I need to use my limitations to my advantage. This is a SIMPLE idea, and doesn't require much in the way of presentation -- the CONTENT is KING.



Should be short. 2-3 minutes.

Low bandwidth - download/stream QUICK.

* * *

That's enough self-indulgence for now.

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