29 September 2006

DAHT Update

What was it John Lennon said again?

So I was planning on building Tex 2.0. Then life happened.

I want the new incarnation of Tex to be uber-Tex. Tex-1000. Head movement, eye-blink, better mouth control ... bells and whistles!

There's not a whole lot of space in a chicken's neck/head for what I want to do. And let's face facts: I'm not all that great a puppet builder.

So the next few agonizing weeks will see me struggling with engineering, sculpture, polymers, vinyl, glue, a few rubber chickens and bicycle brake cables and levers. I feel a bit like MacGyver.

22 September 2006

Just in time for FESTIVUS!

Here is the rough artwork for the dvd cover of Disembodied Animal Head Theatre - Season One.

I'm thinking $8, through the kind folks at www.lulu.com. All five of the original episodes in slightly better resolution than you get at YouTube or Google Video, commentary for each episode, and a gag reel (mostly it's just me talking to myself. What a hoot!)

I may even put the full version of the theme music on over the menus. (If you've ever wondered what that catchy tune is, it's the scherzo from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by that rock and roller Mendelssohn. I use a public domain recording from 1917.)

I may do a sneak peek at season 2 video.

Anyway, that's a whole lotta loving for $8! What d'ya think?

10 September 2006

This just in . . . I found footage of Groovy David's Dance Party on YouTube!

This was my first pilot shoot in L.A., and my left arm is featured prominately. Keep an eye out for the dreadlocked, purple D.J. Beat (performed by the multi-talented Ron Yavnieli). I'm his left hand.

I also did arm rods on occasion for the other two puppets. I remember doing Gina Jam's arm rods when she's in the flamingo costume, and Cool Cat's arm rods when he's wailing away at his guitar.

This shoot was fun, professional and remunerative. Yay for paid work!
BTW - you may have noticed I changed the name of this blog. That doesn't mean I've killed off The Felties, it means I've finally accepted the fact this this blog is more far-reaching. "The Felties" blog will be reactivated once the thing goes into actual production.
Andrew Moore - Successful Internet Salesman!

Well, sort of.

I haven't made a big secret of my desire to sell merchandise emblazoned with my various intellectual properties. Hell, I'm proud of it. I have six Cafepress shops. Six! Half of those shops are practically nothing more than bookmarks. Empty shops with one or two items that I intended at one time to expand on. The other three shops are the "main" shops and have much more going on:

  • Dal Motion Pictures features the DAHT merch, the Mimey t-shirt, and various items carrying the Dal Motion Pictures logo.
  • Picture of a Dog is home to Doodlebug merch and Kung-Fu Dog.
  • Nude Beach was started to help promote the as yet uncompleted short documentary "My First Trip to the Nude Beach."
You read that last one right. The documentary was actually Pam's origination, and it's a straight-forward educational piece on the benefits of clothes-free recreation. We have some pick-ups to do, graphics, yada yada, and hope to have it out there for broad public consumption just in time for winter.

The Nude Beach store is incredibly lame, even by my standards. However, it has proven to be the most profitable store this year. In fact, here is our most popular item:

The "Happiness is No Tan Lines" Jr. Spaghetti Tank. In the description I wrote "The great thing about this one, is you can show off the tan by dropping one of the shoulder straps!" It sells for $18.

When I put this store together, I was in a pretty funky frame of mind. I was disgusted by the number of cheese-ball, thrown together on Microsoft Word t-shirt designs on CafePress, that I decided to do my own. So I made up a few cheese-ball slogans, fired up Microsoft Word, and voila . . .

. . . success. Well, in a very limited sense. I'm not buying a yacht or anything. Maybe a sixer of Sam Adams Octoberfest.

The irony here is that a week before the first sale, I logged into CafePress with the intention to close the store. I'm glad I didn't.