28 February 2006

Tuesday's Artists I Love

Today - Jim Meskimen.

Okay, here it is. Why the hell isn't Jim accepting Golden Globes for best comedic actor in a series? Honestly! Not only is he one of the most talented impressionists and improvisational actors out there, he also has the work ethic of a coal miner. No joke!

You know Jim, but you probably don't realize it. He's the voice behind Jib Jab's most famous offering ("This Land".) He's been in dozens of commercials. If you're lucky, he may even be the face of your local supermarket chain! He's been on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as three different characters (which is a testament to his skill and his work ethic.) He's done feature films, television, radio, internet . . . you name it! He's also a fine artist and cartoonist. He studied oil painting under a master in Spain, and did concept art on the old Thundercats series! He's a "Buckaroo Bonzai"!

(The greatest compliment I've been paid as a voice-over artist is to be called "Jim Meskimen, Jr." I was very flattered, but in truth I'm nowhere near that good.)

Jim has a couple of comedy albums for sale. I have "Jim and Tait: Two Minds Empty, No Waiting" and highly recommend it. Also, check out his site. Enter his "caption this cartoon" contest. Take a look at his fine art portfolio.

Really, just take a look at Jim. He's a great guy, very giving and fun.

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Here's a recent Jim venture. Funny stuff ...