27 December 2005


Today we take a look at Bob Hutcheson.

I initially met Bob as an actor. He's a part of The Really Spontaneous Theater Company, and back in 2002 Pamela and I went to see this troupe just about every week.

Bob is rock 'n roll. He's from Detroit, and exudes the kind of calm cool that you'd expect from a beatnik or a contributor to the college literary magazine. He also has a bizarre streak about eight miles wide.

His paintings are like sideshow banners. He plays word games with the viewer and devises brilliant visual puns. Plus, his work is just plain fun.

He and his wife also happen to be two of the nicest people imaginable. (She's a singer and an actress and no doubt a future "Tuesday's Artists I Love" candidate!)

Update, 4/18/17: Follow Bob on Twitter, and visit his website!

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