12 June 2006

Tuesday's Artists I Love

Joe Sayers, cartoonist:

Pam and I were sitting around at the Los Feliz 3, waiting for "The Breakup" to start. (Very funny film, BTW.) This couple in front of us erupts in laughter. There's a pause, and then more laughter. Pause, laughter, pause laughter ... you get the idea. Usually it's Pam and me making obnoxious asses of ourselves in public, laughing for seemingly no reason. I was pissed! How dare this other couple be as fun and cool as we! I had to know what gave them the nerve to out-fun us. I peeked over the back of the chairs and saw they were reading "Frat-Bot and Cod"

After the flick, we wandered next door to the cute little book shop, to find a copy of this piece of hilarity. We found it, it cost $2, we bought it.

Sayers is funny in that "Far Side" way - playing around with preconceived notions and absurdity like he's playing with Legos. He does a weekly web comic here called "thingpart" (The strip above is from this series.) Check him out and buy some of his stuff ... he's got t-shirts!

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