20 April 2006

Up To Drew
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Can you even "lead a horse to water" anymore?

I just don't know.

I work weekends at a coffee shop in Studio City. I got the job a couple of years ago when I was between gigs, and haven't had the heart to quit; I love the place, the customers, my co-workers, and my boss.

Anyway, every other Sunday for the past year and a half, I've posted a comic strip featuring an opinionated bat (it's cleverly titled "Up To Bat") at the register. At the register. This is PRIME real estate! Don't take my word for it, look at the picture! Last Sunday, I kept a mental tally, and of all the customers serviced during my shift, only about 10% of seemed to notice the strip, and of those about half actually read it.

This poses an interesting problem, particularly for one (me) who wishes to provide entertainment content on the "internets". If I can't get 90% of customers to notice something RIGHT NEXT to the "total due" display on the register, how do I get someone to notice my crappy little puppet videos?

Actually, it's a bit of a progressive problem:

1) How do you get someone to LOOK
2) How do you get them to stick around long enough to CONSUME the content
3) How do you get them to then TAKE ACTION of some sort of another

(By "Take Action" I mean anything like posting kudos [or even "you suck"] on a message board, buying merchandise, sending the link to a friend, etc.)

I really don't know! I understand the basic mechanics of marketing. I've read my Seth Godin.


To be continued, I guess.

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