16 August 2006

DAHT Update

So the ensemble has officially arrived! Recently purchased at the L.A. Zoo:
  • wolf
  • hippo
  • zebra
  • alligator
  • polar bear
. . . plus the giraffe and flamingo I started out with, the ensemble is now seven characters strong!

It's much easier to come up with ideas now that I have the players to play with. Season one was more about the show itself rather than "bringing the arts and culture back to the internet in a [tongue-in-cheek] dignified fashion." The best episodes were the ones that dealt more directly with Shakespeare (ep. 1 - Othello, ep. 2 - Hamlet, ep. 5 - Measure for Measure.)

In a couple of weeks I'll pick up a new rubber chicken to tear apart and put back together again for Tex ver. 2.0. I'm also devising more of a set for Tex . . . sort of a Masterpiece Theatre/A&E Biography type thing.

Oh yes . . . and the DVD. This may turn out to be too much work for a handful of crappy episodes, but what the hell. I need to recapture all the footage and re-edit at a higher rez. I may even shoot some new footage. So I'm thinking "Disembodied Animal Head Theatre Season One: Special Edition" for the title. I haven't decided if I want Greedo to shoot first or not.


Anonymous said...

When we were at the museum last week we talked about picking up some new guys for you and shipping them over. Since we didn't know what you already had we didn't want to repeat. I think we were most interested in the dinosaur. Gwynyth has a monkey - it bites. There was something else but I can't remember now. If you're looking for something specific let us know and we'll keep our eyes open for it.

Andrew Moore said...

Thank you very much! I think I'm good for now, but I'll be sure to put out an "all points bulletin" in the future!

It's weird . . . you can only find these things in zoo and museum gift shops!

Tell Gwynyth to watch out for those biting monkeys. She may become a monkey herself!