03 April 2007

So far I'm really liking Revver. So much better than YouTube.

For starters, I'm not competing with pirated clips of popular shows. Secondly, I've already earned a (very) small amount of money.

I have to give mad props to Felix Pire of Los Titieres for encouraging me to go with Revver. (I did a day of work for Mr. Pire on Saturday. When the stuff I did is put online, I'll be sure to announce it here!)

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kranki said...

Hi Andrew. I rather like Tex. I like him a lot. Good characterization.

I need to find you a link to the brilliant short film starring a chicken.

Well, of course I'd start meeting like-minded people once I left LA and moved to San Francisco. I'm in my LA dislike phase so forgive me for any bitterness to the city of angeles and angles. I could claim it's just my krankiboy persona but it's not. When did you move to LA. I know lots of people down there from puppeteers to TV writers to people who produce short media content and I'm also starting to work with Ifilms a bit. Drop me a line as I think we're like minded comedic inventors. krankiboy@yahool.com