13 August 2007

I finally got my own Disembodied Animal Head Theatre t-shirt!

See, I realized that I had enough CafePress bucks to buy one.

Funny story ... Pamela and I are still working on a Documentary entitled "My Trip to the Nude Beach" all about recreational nudism and how it's actually pretty cool to drive down to the beach and "get your kit off" as Tex might say. So I decided to go ahead and make some "My Trip to the Nude Beach" t-shirts to help fund our little film.

I had made a bunch of "Dal Motion Pictures" stuff for the same reason (to fund some projects) so I figured why not go for it?

I made a few uninteresting items with slogans like "Born Nude," "I'd Rather Wear Sunshine," and of course "Happiness is No Tan Lines."

Guess how many "Dal Motion Pictures" t-shirts, tote bags and coffee mugs I've sold? What was that? "Goose egg?" Very close. In all fairness, I did sell one Dal Motion tote bag ... to Pam.

For reasons I have yet to grasp, people really love "Happiness is No Tan Lines." They really, really like it. They like it enough that I didn't have to pay for my DAHT shirt.

So it goes!


For Pamela, the uncropped photo showing off the "guns":

They're much more impressive when flexed.

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