26 September 2007

Don't Fear 2012:

From the always interesting Tim Boucher:
Even if the Mayans did have some kind of fancy-pants calendar bullshit going on, are you Mayan? If you’re not Mayan and you adopt the arbitrary significance of this one timestamped moment, why stop there? Why not abandon the Reason of the Roman Empire and its cultural heirs in favor altogether of the mystically-soaked blood-baths of the Mayans? Few 2012-fluffers mention that this once-mighty people fed their calendar directly with human souls; if we’re really going to do honor to whatever shift these people lived and died for, how come noone is lining up for the sacrificial altar?

"2012-fluffers". Gotta love it.

We're going to be treated to a non-stop barrage of airy-fairy new age nonsense the closer we get to 2012. It's bound to be worse than all that "Planet X" crapola of a couple years back.

My question: If the Mayans were so advanced that they were able to predict the "End of Days" or "Dawning of Enlightenment" or whatever the hell is supposed to happen, where are they now? It's like the old joke picture of a store-front psychic with an "out of business" sign.

Sure. The Mayans could predict the galactic alignment of interstellar bodies and spiritual awakening, but they couldn't predict (and prevent) their own collapse.

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