01 February 2008

LOST is Back!

Yes, season 4 of the best show on network television premiered last night with a "Hurley-centric" episode. Jorge Garcia gave his best performance of the series ... the dude's got chops. And I'm not talking about his facial hair.

The tone of the show is different. Darker. There is a sense of impending doom on the show. Now that they're giving us "flash forwards" instead of flashbacks, we have this huge void of unknown between the events on the island and the events that take place after.

Harold Perrineau (Michael) is back this season. He was not in last night's episode, although his name was in the credits. I like this actor. He was one of the few redeeming factors in those horrible Matrix sequels, and I enjoyed him in the otherwise disappoionting 28 Weeks Later.

A new face in last night's episode was Lance Reddick, from HBO's The Wire. Lost attracts top-notch talent, no doubt about it. Here's a bit of trivia: Reddick was cast as Mr. Eko, but turned down the part when cast in The Wire. This makes me wonder if his character on Lost is in some way connected to Mr. Eko. I guess we'll find out.

Some talented editor uploaded the following video to YouTube. It is a 24-esque linear retelling of the crash of Flight 815. Enjoy!

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