20 August 2008

From Across the Room

A tender, sweet love song with a dark twist. This is the song that I performed to the delight of the Theatre Unleashed Presents: Theatre Unleashed! Starring Theatre Unleashed audience last May, now available in a very downloadable mp3 for the low, low price of $.99! That's right: Less than one-fourth the cost of a gallon of gas!

All profits from the sale of this song benefit Theatre Unleashed. So for those of you who enjoy my creative output but can't stand me as a person, here's your big chance to consume said output without supporting me financially! It's a win-win-win situation!

Did I mention that this song was professionally produced? That's right! So if you're familiar with my lame-ass MySpace music site, you'll be happy to know that actual professional grade equipment was used for this recording, rather than the broken computer mic that I typically use for this sort of thing. Also, someone who knows what he's doing did the mix, using software far more advanced than the crappy freeware I use. Play the 30 second preview ... see what I mean? Class! But you'll have to buy the song if you want to hear the punchline.

And boy howdy, is there ever a punchline.

So download your copy today while supplies last! And be sure to comment your praise and adulation below. Just don't spoil the punchline for anyone!

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