04 February 2009

My Commute

I started a new day job, and live closer to work now than I have in years! I can actually hop a bus, or ride my bike to work.

It's a downhill ride to work, which means uphill home. I'm not in terrific shape, and the ride home kills me. I will typically take the bus rather than bike for this reason. But I tried something new yesterday:

Bike and bus. I can ride the bike to work, and let the bus take me uphill at the end of the day.

I'm not crazy about LA's public transpotation. We're too spread out for it to be efficient at long distances. Going across town, it can easily take twice as long to get anywhere than by car. Sometimes even longer. Adding the bike into the mix means a quicker way to and from bus stops, metro stations, etc., which cuts down the transit time significantly.