04 February 2011

This Week's Maltin Prompt 

Okay, people. Here is this week's prompt, chosen at random from Leonard Maltin's 2011 Movie Guide:
Tyrone is officer suddenly in command of lifeboat holding survivors from sunken luxury liner. Tense, exciting study of people fighting to stay alive while exposed to savage seas and each other. 
Remember, there is only one rule: Write. For screenplays, play scripts, or short stories, let's keep it somewhere between two to five pages. Poets, songwriters, etc., do your thing. It doesn't have to have a beginning or an end. The important thing is to take this prompt and put words together.

When you're done, post the result as a comment below or post it anywhere and drop me a link!

This is a critical-free zone! We're just loosening up and stretching our writer muscles. So let's hop to it! The (entirely arbitrary) deadline is a little over 24 hours from now: midnight tomorrow night.

Get writing!