22 September 2006

Just in time for FESTIVUS!

Here is the rough artwork for the dvd cover of Disembodied Animal Head Theatre - Season One.

I'm thinking $8, through the kind folks at www.lulu.com. All five of the original episodes in slightly better resolution than you get at YouTube or Google Video, commentary for each episode, and a gag reel (mostly it's just me talking to myself. What a hoot!)

I may even put the full version of the theme music on over the menus. (If you've ever wondered what that catchy tune is, it's the scherzo from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by that rock and roller Mendelssohn. I use a public domain recording from 1917.)

I may do a sneak peek at season 2 video.

Anyway, that's a whole lotta loving for $8! What d'ya think?


Pamela Moore said...

I love the price!

Garrick said...

I'm in! Consider this a pre-order!