29 September 2006

DAHT Update

What was it John Lennon said again?

So I was planning on building Tex 2.0. Then life happened.

I want the new incarnation of Tex to be uber-Tex. Tex-1000. Head movement, eye-blink, better mouth control ... bells and whistles!

There's not a whole lot of space in a chicken's neck/head for what I want to do. And let's face facts: I'm not all that great a puppet builder.

So the next few agonizing weeks will see me struggling with engineering, sculpture, polymers, vinyl, glue, a few rubber chickens and bicycle brake cables and levers. I feel a bit like MacGyver.

1 comment:

Pamela Moore said...

I offered to let you get the supersize chicken but NOOooooo. You didn't WANT a rubber chicken that big.