23 February 2007

You know those highly dramatic promo photos for Lost? Pictures of the cast on the island looking all dramatic?

Here's my favorite one:

Even in front of aircraft wreckage, labradors still look happy!

I love this dog. This is, as you well know, dog-actor Madison, whose character Vincent has been an object of much speculation. Bad things seem to happen to those who care for him, and he seems to have some sort of special connection to the island (by "he" I mean the character of Vincent. As is common with TV dogs, Madison is actually a female playing a male.)

I thought that Vincent left the island at the end of season 2, but apparently he's still with the survivors of Flight 815, as he is featured in next week's episode! Yay! I remember reading somewhere that the producers of Lost were planning on a "Vincent-centric" episode, with a Vincent flashback. I hope they do that.

If you're interested in how a "myth-arc" series like Lost is created and perpetuated, I would recommend listening the the "Official Lost Podcast" with show producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Interesting stuff!

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