06 June 2007

Is it possible that the one thing that producers value the most in writers is the ability to finish a screenplay?

Read this good news from a guy named Joel.

It's probably refreshing for a producer to see that a writer can string enough words together to fashion a full-length script; a script that hits all the important beats of the Syd Field model/hero's journey/etc.; a story with a beginning, middle, and end. More important than sheer talent or ability to spin b.s. is the ability to push through to a "done."


(Found out about Joel through Alex Epstein. If you have an interest in writing, he has a couple of swell books on the subject.)


Fun Joel said...

Well, I hope that they asked me to do this project for more than just my ability to finish! ;-)

Thanks for the attention either way. All the best!

Andrew Moore said...

Oh shit!

I have no doubt that you actually have the goods! I'm just riffing off your post ... the whole thing about being a bit hesitant to send them the D2DVD thing.

Obviously it takes more than the ability to string words together. No disrespect intended!

Fun Joel said...

LOL. I know! I just thought it came out funny. No worries at all. :-)