29 June 2007

Resistance. Is. Futile.

Is it just me, or is Apple slowly but surely becoming the "machine" they poked fun at in 1984?

Maybe it's the 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque monolithic iPhones.

But it's probably. The. Abrupt. Periods.

"Today." comes off as a blunt command. "DO IT NOW!" Compare to another Apple ad from a decade ago:

The computer coyly turned away from the camera, as if embarrassed to have its picture taken. The friendly Apple font. The neutral white background. And "Think Different" in the bottom right hand corner, a subtle reminder of one of the most inspiring ad campaigns in human history (really, the guys who did "Think Different" should be handed the Olympics.)

The iMac ad is light and fun, like a Rebel Alliance kegger.

And as for the iPhone, it looks cold and menacing, like a certain emperor's chamber.

After all, at&t has the exclusive license for five (I've also heard ten) years. And we all know about at&t, now don't we?

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