25 July 2007

J. J. Abrams is teh bomb!

This is a bit stale now, but there's a great article about all that "Cloverfield" hooplah at SlashFilm.

If you're not following the story (and I can't imagine the fourteen of you who read this blog aren't following the story. Well, maybe my mom isn't.) "Cloverfield" is the codename for the "Untitled J. J. Abrams Project" that is set to hit movie screens on 1/18/07. I prefer calling it "J. J. Abrams' Birthday Present to Andrew." Little is known, but the movie is said to be a $30 million monster pic consisting of footage shot by civilians witnessing an attack on New York. Sort of a bigger budget Blair Witch Project.

You can see the mysterious trailer here or here. There are two "viral" websites up, http://www.1-18-08.com/ and http://www.slusho.jp/. And best of all, here is the Wikipedia entry on this whole mad thing.

So the latest article on SlashFilm reveals that in all likelyhood, J. J. Abrams himself cut the teaser trailer. And this is why Abrams is so damn cool. He's just producing this thing and will probably get a "story by" credit; yet he cares enough about his pet project to cut the trailer himself (on his Mac laptop, no doubt.) He gives it his own touch, and thus sets the tone.

This is something to aspire to.

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