13 December 2007

Round Jerky

(This picture was taken a day before our big car problems started*. I've meant to blog about it, but it's been sitting around unblogged for a month or longer.)

On our big trip to L.A. some years back, Pamela and I were running on financial fumes. We were trying to keep to an insanely tight budget, whilst driving our U-Haul trailer-towing-Honda Civic with all our belongings and the two dogs through the Rocky Mountains.

This is the sort of thing we do.

Anywho, at one of our lowest ebbs on the trip, we discovered the joy of round beef jerky. Starting in Colorado, we found this stuff in every gas station where we stopped. Tasty, cheap, and round. Once we hit California, the supply of round jerky dried up, and this brown manna from heaven could not be found. We were very sad pandas. For a few weeks after we arrived in L.A., Pam and I would carry on conversations like this:

So what's for dinner?
How about pizza?
You know what I could go for?
Oh man! Those little round beef jerkies ...
Oh hell yeah.

So imagine how overjoyed we were when we found the elusive round jerky at our local gas station! Hurrah!

(*transmission problems with the Mitsubishi, bought a Saturn to drive while I fixed the other car, the Saturn broke down, blah blah blah. I got the Mitsubishi running again [knock on wood]. The Saturn is still dead, but I hope to have it running on Sunday. Yay! Two cars!)

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