29 April 2008

So. Here we go!

I am co-emcee'ing the event, along with our lovely and talented Artistic Director, Phil Kelly.
This night is going to be either insanely entertaining or entertainingly insane. I'm not entirely sure which. The surprises we have in store ... just you wait!

I can tell you this much: leggy dancing girls. That's right. Leggy dancing girls. And if that's not your cup of tea, how about this: Jim Martyka. That's right. Jim "what girl wouldn't" Martyka. We've got jokes, we've got songs, we've got high art and low-brow humor. This is such an incredible hodge-podge of acts, you'll be begging for another night just so you can invite all your friends and show them what a cool person you are. But alas, this show is going up for ONLY ONE NIGHT.

Folks, you don't want to miss this one. And the proceeds are for a good cause: to help us bring kick-ass theatre to Los Angeles. Some of you, I know, say to yourselves "I'd really like to do theatre, but I don't have the time!" By contributing to our efforts, you become a part of them. When Jeff Soroka's visionary take on William Shakespeare's The Tempest opens later this year, you will own some small piece of that. You can help me bring my original work, Pin-Up Girls, to the stage in October.

So tell your friends. Make your reservations. But most importantly, please come. When I'm up on stage cracking wise and introducing acts, I'll be happy to see a few familiar faces in the crowd!

(And for you out-of-towners, you can contribute, too! Visit www.theatreunleashed.com and click on "Support". Any contribution is appreciated!)

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