24 November 2008

Narcissistic Only Because I Look So Damn Good

One thing I'll miss for sure is this tux jacket. HOT!

I hosted The High Jinks Burlesque, a 1940s-style after show no Saturday nights. I brought the ukulele into the show the second weekend, performing a "chanson et ballet" with Mr. Buddy (comedy savant Phillip Kelly). I played and sang "Tonight You Belong to Me" as Mr. Buddy danced around. After the third verse, I threw it to Mr. Buddy who played a slide whistle and bicycle horn solo.

The third weekend, I began opening with "Blue Skies" with a "bilabial fricitation" solo halfway through.

The fourth weekend, I somehow managed to convince Mr. Buddy to sing "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie," which became quite a performance piece.

He and I will be hosting the Monday Night Tease on the 29th of December. Who knows what shenanigans we'll have worked out at the last minute!

Hmm. I need to buy a satin and velvet tux jacket.