04 December 2008


I've tried to do this properly, but they keep calling me. I've asked off their call list NINE times, twice via e-mail. I've received three calls from them in the past twenty-four hours to attend a screening of Paul Rudd's new movie "I Love You, Man." The reservation line for that screening is 888 886-2864. Supposedly, that's the number you call to opt out of their service. At least that's what the pre-recorded voice tells me. These are robocalls, and nothing is more annoying than robocalls.

The calls come from (801) 741-5500, a number that is disconnected if you try to call it. They also have a website, www.thescreeningexchange.com, but the only e-mail they offer is support@thescreeningexchange.com. This is their catch-all e-mail address, so who knows if they ever get around to reading the mountain of e-mails they must get.

Plain and simple: I've asked off of their phone list many, many times. They have failed to comply with my requests. They do bad business. It's a bad sign when a company fails to provide on their website seperate e-mail addresses for different issues or a toll-free number to call.

Avoid them.