22 December 2008

I'm doing some housecleaning around here. I have a bunch of saved drafts that I never posted. Well, brace yourself. I'm wrapping up my thoughts and posting them all today.

Ideas are Easy, Doing Stuff is Hard

A draft from 9/11/07:

Another gem from Seth Godin:

History is littered with inventors who had "great" ideas but kept them quiet and then poorly executed them. And history is lit up with do-ers who took ideas that were floating around in the ether and actually made something happen. In fact, just about every successful venture is based on an unoriginal idea, beautifully executed.
I am always astonished to meet writers and artists who keep their "one really good idea" under lock and key. I wonder if the idea ever sees the light of day.

I'm even more astonished when that writer or artist is me.

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