13 January 2009


So I'm flipping through the Daily Trojan today -- did I mention that my day job is at USC now? Anyway, I'm flipping through the Daily Trojan, and my eyes landed on something that has completely renewed my faith in the younger generation. Check this out:

Yes, under the "worst" category of 2008 fashion, the wise-beyond-his-years fashion genius Brett Malec lists both Uggs and Crocs. As you may recall, I have strong feelings about these "shoes" myself.

The print is fuzzy, and I can't find this online, so here's what wunderkind Brett Malec has to say:

Ugg Boots

Especially when it's not even cold out; we're in LA, people!


No matter how "comfortable" ther are, nothing that ugly should ever be worn on the human body.

I would add that Uggs make the wearer's ankles look huge and crocs look like what inmates at an asylum might wear, but that's just me.

Cheers, Brett Malec. May you have much success in life.

Just go along. You'll start happenning too. Oh the places you'll go!

-- Dr. Suess