10 May 2006


I met with puppet builder extraordinaire Russ Walko last night for the great Felties hand-over. I now have most of the cast in my possession, and let me tell you . . . I am pumped!

Russ did an incredible job.

The above gives you an idea of how Mimey evolved from my first prototype to a more finished prototype. Well, I have the final version of Mimey ("Mimey 3.0") in my possession, and believe me when I say it is a cut above the last prototype. The same is true of all the characters. I can't believe how comfortable and expressive these puppets are! Brand spanking new puppets typically have a certain stiffness to to them. Not so with these babies - these puppets feel broken in, like a pair of well-worn Levis. And the look . . . I'm proud to say we've done something different. These ain't Muppet clones!

So . . . Would you like to see a picture of the completed Felties?

You're gonna have to wait for the world premiere of The Felties this summer. (Unless Russ posts pictures on his website, which I hope he does. He hammered these out of the ball park, and has every right to crow about it.)

First day of production is on May 20th.

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