09 May 2006

It's okay - I'm still alive.

I have the second of three HUGE exams coming up in my cinema class, I completed the play for the play contest, I have production meetings scheduled this week for The Felties (Yay!), I'm trying to track down a cheap (or free) studio, and I need to finish a first draft of Sonny, the play I'm planning on producing in July! Oh yeah - I need to do a few more episodes of Disembodied Animal Head Theatre.

By the way . . . does anyone out there have a line on a studio (or just a relatively quiet room with electricity) for free (or cheap)? I want to shoot on Saturday afternoon, 20 May 2006. I figure if other bloggers can find true love, free houses and millions of dollars (all true) THIS blogger may be able to find a free (or cheap) place to shoot. Yes, I am calling upon the awesome power of the internet, as I lift my power sword above my head and cry out "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL . . . I HAVE THE POWER!"

Let me know, okay? andrewmoore_AThotmail.com

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