24 May 2006

Tex the Rubber Chicken

Did I say I had a "ton" of Tex pictures?

Oops. I have one:

For some reason, my little flash memory card didn't save the other pictures. That's right. It's not my fault, it's the flash memory card's fault.

So you see the oh so impressive bicycle brake. There. The curtain has been pulled aside and the illusion has been ruined for everyone. Yes kids, Tex is not a living, breathing, pompous, Shakespeare-mangling rubber chicken. He is an inanimate object brought to life by means of my gentle and expert manipulation.

The handle to which the bicycle brake is attached runs up through the puppet to his head. A thin plastic tube guides the fishing line through the body, which is stuffed with fiber fill.

Someday I'm going to contrive working wings. I think a simple mechanism like the one found in "boxing" type toys. Like this one:

I figure I can drop the thumb triggers down so that the index finger operates the mouth and the thumb operates the wings. That leaves my left hand free to hold my beer.

1 comment:

Pamela Moore said...

And when you're done, you can pass the beer bottle to the dog so she can drink like a pirate.