07 July 2006

Amo l'Italia!

I was looking at the latest Site Meter stats for www.daht.blogspot.com, and noticed someone browsing from Italy spent enough time on the site to watch an episode! Whoever the mystery Italian is, he or she clicked in from Google.it, from the search phrase "Cesare Piazza".

Cesare Piazza is the name of the Giraffe. (He's actually named "Cheese Pizza", but the story behind that is too esoteric to bother explaining. DAHT is a crappy webseries starring $3 animal snappers and a rubber chicken. I have enough stacked against me to begin with, so I figured I'd just change his name to a more respectable Cesare Piazza.) Apparently, there is also a Caeser's Plaza somewhere in Italy. I hope my mystery guest found it!

How wonderfully random is that?

(Good luck to Italy on Sunday!)

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