13 July 2006

UPDATE -- The Felties and DAHT


Those last few posts took a lot out of me. Seriously. My wife had an overnight shoot over the weekend, and I had "lack of spouse insomnia". It happens. So I kept busy through the night, burning the ol' midnight grindstone and churned out the three videos below.

I'm very happy with the camera tests. Originally, I had shot them for my own edification without any intent to share online (I recall writing here earlier that you'd all have to wait for the pilot premiere before you could see the finished puppets. Oh well. I also can't wait for Christmas before opening gifts.)

I'm very pleased with the pre-viz (that's short for "pre-visualization"). Like I've said a few times, I'm really trying to think this thing out and do it right.

So let's see. I need to wrap up the set design, blog about the interesting thing I discovered regarding proportion, and shoot camera tests of Pupsumoto, Cuzumoto and Kabuki. (If I can arrange a meeting with the ever busy, multi-talented, puppet builder extraordinaire Russ Walko.) I updated www.thefelties.com! (By pointing it to a lens over at Squidoo.) I think it's kind of neat. It's like a one-stop shop for all your Felties needs!

I uploaded all current episodes of Disembodied Animal Head Theatre to Google video, which means you can now download your favorites to your video iPod! Just click here. The other earlier OurMedia hosted episodes are now on YouTube, so I'll be embedding those videos on the DAHT blog sometime this week.

On Sunday, Tex took a trip down to ThePete Studios in beautiful Westwood, California to make an appearance on the long-running and very funny "The Five Minute Show" ("t5MS" for short). There's some very funny business between Tex and a sock puppet named Beverly Socks. Afterwards, we shot a "hiatus" episode of DAHT, featuring a scene from Romeo and Juliet with Tex and Ms. Socks. These two episodes will debut in the coming weeks - watch this spot for updates!

That's all for this rambling update!

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