22 January 2007


The open source catch phrase. I don't know who coined it, and I don't care.

Use it and love it. It's funny!

Example 1:

BOSS: Did you get the memo about the TPS reports?

KEVIN: Yeah, but I didn't read it.

BOSS: What?!?

KEVIN: Hey ... Kevin Gotta Eat!

Example 2:

COP: Do you have any idea how fast you were going?

TOM: Hey ... Tom Gotta Eat!

Example 3:

DISGRUNTLED WIFE: Is that it? I was so close this time!

HUSBAND: Uh ... yeah, sorry about that. Hubby Gotta Eat!
Example 4:
STEVIE WONDER: And the Grammy goes to ... John Mayer!


STEVIE WONDER: John Mayer regrets that he couldn't be here to
night to accept this award ... John Mayer Gotta Eat!

I could go on and on!

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