30 January 2007

John K blogged yesterday about the fine art of storyboarding, which got me thinking about The Felties.

I haven't posted about The Felties in a while, mostly because I didn't want to jinx the latest happenings. Then I remembered that I don't believe in jinxes. So here goes:

Pamela and I have been meeting with the very talented David Brownstein
about collaborating on a Felties project. Namely, "The Mimey and Clownie Show."

The idea is to go even smaller than my idea of a five-to-eight minute show. To create minute long, gag-driven videos featuring two or three characters. Since they're short, we can tape a few episodes in one day.

Now, if you've been following the harrowing tale of The Felties, you know that I've been thinking about going bigger. I'm talking about pursuing financial backing to do a pilot episode for a proposed t.v. series.

Doing just the opposite, taking the idea smaller, is very intriguing for a number of reasons. First, if the little videos were to go "viral" I'd actually stand a better chance of finding the financial backing for something bigger. Second, shorter videos are easier to put together than longer videos, as I've learned on DAHT. Third, and finally, I'd have something actually done on this stupid project that's been hanging around my neck like a large seabird.

So here is a peak at a very rough storyboard for an episode of "The Mimey and Clownie Show" entitled "Making Clownie a Man: How to Drink".

I'll post more about this project a little later in the week!

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