23 January 2007

I love free magazines and newspapers. Over the past decade, I've discovered a love (masochistic though it may be at times) for exposing myself to a wide, diverse variety of viewpoints. Just as the Red Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass would believe in six impossible things before breakfast, I try to consider many contrary (or just different) viewpoints every day. Predictably, this makes conversations with me very boring.


Oh yeah. I like this one free magazine called Arthur because it covers all kinds of neat, niche music that I wouldn't otherwise know about. Case in point, Earth. This ambient/drone group hails from Seattle. Their last album, entitled "Hex: or Printing in the Infernal Method" is heavy, tense, and very slow. If John Wayne had hung up his spurs and become a monk who drank a lot of coffee (past the point of the normal stimulant effect, where one experiences caffeine intoxication) this album would be his soundtrack.

It's also pretty creepy in places. Currently, I'm listening to it as I write a treatment for a supernatural slasher movie set in rural Wisconsin. Very nice.

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