02 May 2007

Drew Does Strings (Continued)

I have a few more pictures from my big marionette adventure last Saturday.

I haven't been to Universal City Walk in quite some time. I couldn't say when was the last time! I love theme parks and themed environments, so it was a blast just walking around.

I got there early so I could enjoy a cup of joe and have plenty of time to arrive at the venue. Whenever I do a gig like this, I like to give myself plenty of time to arrive. I tend not to bring a book, as reading for me is a very introverting activity, and I need to be at my extroverted best when performing.

Universal City Walk was just waking up. Pretty much the only people walking around were tourists on their way to the theme park.

After my coffee and rice crispy treat (the breakfast of champions!) I wandered over to the venue. B. B. King's Blues Club! What a hip place to do a puppet show for kids!

I was the first one to arrive. Yeah, yeah. I'm a dork.

I figured there would be a Lucille on display, and I was right! B. B. King seems to give these things away like Pez, so it's not like it's the Lucille. I still felt a sense of awe, looking over an instrument that B. B. King brought to life.


The crowd is all lined up! Soon the doors will open and the show will go on!

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