19 May 2007


Ain't it Cool has three minutes and twenty-nine seconds of John Rambo. It's only going to be up for two days, so hurry!

WARNING! This clip is devastatingly violent. If you're accustomed to "first person shooter" games or a fan of zombie flicks, it should be no big deal. This feels like Stallone is getting into a dickey waving contest with Mel Gibson over who can make the most graphically violent movie. Wow.

Stallone is a man. He just recently wrapped shooting, and whipped together this trailer lickety-split to share with the film geeks at Ain't it Cool. He "wanted to see what you Talkbackers thought about" it. This guy really cares about the fans, or at least knows how to fake it better than any other "big name" in Hollywood. Too cool.

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