21 September 2008

Hi mom!

I've been a little incommunicado here lately. Oh, I've sniped and snickered, but I haven't posted anything of any real significance in a while.

How about an update of all things Drew?


The Tempest is currently in production, getting rave reviews, and delighting audiences:

The Tempest unites the tireless efforts and incredible well of talent of Theatre Unleashed with the boundless imagination of Jeff Soroka (the chap who directed A Midsummer Night's Dream at Write Act last year.) It's a great show, and a true feather in our cap as a newborn theatre company!

We also have a series of "coffee shop" plays doing the rounds in Metro L.A. It's an effort on our part to "unleash" theatre from the bounds of traditional staging. Hell, if performing in taverns worked for Brecht, performing coffee shops will work for us. We're getting great feedback from our audiences at these shows, and may just see some significant press coverage in the near future! (Cross your fingers and say a prayer: what we have in the works will be nothing short of incredible if it comes off!)

Also, we have a song! The song I wrote and performed at our fundraiser earlier this year, "From Across the Room", will soon be available for purchase. All proceed benefit Theatre Unleashed! If this does well, we'll be floating more tracks out there, culminating in our first album of original material! You can hear this song on my MySpace profile. (I'm working out the details right now. The first company we used to distribute the song turned out to be a bit shadey. We're working on a deal with iTunes at present.)

In addition to the song, I'm editing the first volume of the Theatre Unleashed Literary Journal. This volume will contain three of the five original one-acts we produced in June of this year, all of the original poetry composed by Phillip Kelly and Sebastian Kadlecik to tie the plays together, and some thoughts about the show from the viewpoint of our vice president and production manager Erin Scott and company member Jacob Smith (who was in two of the plays).

And I haven't even mentioned all the work currently going in to Pin-Up Girls!


The play opens on October 24th, and we are hard at work! Pamela is serving as Core Producer, as well as playing the fiery "Helen". The play is currently in it's fifth draft, at about 128 pages long.

I could not be happier with my cast. Tremendous actors, all of them, and they bring such incredible life and depth to my words. And my design team ... first, let me say how freaking awesome it is to have a design team! I can't wait to share more images with you, but you're going to have to wait for the videos to hit the internet!

Here's a synopsis of the show:
1942, San Francisco, California. Young American men bound for war flood local nightclubs and music halls for a last hurrah. And American women find themselves in possession of a new found freedom and equality previously unknown; in the factories, in the home, and out on the town.

"Pin-Up Girls" is about the dancers: their lives, their loves, and their losses. It gives you a taste of the camaraderie that exists backstage among any group of show people. It's a heart breaking, heart warming glimpse into the private lives of striptease artists.

So join us
backstage at "The High Jinks!"
If anyone out there would like to contribute to Theatre Unleashed, follow this link to our "support" page on our website.

That's all for now. I have a few more "Artists I Love: Burlesque Edition" coming up, and I'm hard at work on submissions for our next season. So until I blog again, adieu!