18 September 2008


I subscribe to a "Buddhist thoughts" e-mail. (What can I say? I have an interest in world religions.) Lately, the person who puts these things together has been on the "green" warpath, which makes for interesting juxtapositions:

"There are no good or bad situations.
Good and bad arise from our minds.
The foolish man subdues the situation, not his mind.
The wise person works on his mind, not the situation.
If the mind has been tamed, does the situation still have substance?"

"Grasping the basic emptiness* of the situation,
we can act from our true nature** on the essentials.
If we are unmoved by circumstances,
we will be able to shape circumstances."
- Master Ouyi

*Lack of fixed nauture | **Buddha-Nature

GreenTip: Buy less unrecycled or unrecyclable stuff
I'd be more impressed if it said "GreenTip: Tame your mind on the subject of global warming."