19 December 2005

2012 Cometh
A good friend of mine was all abuzz about the year 2012, and how all heck is going to break loose. I could point out that the same was said about 2000 and 1975 and 1900 and 1000 and . . . but you get the point. Predicting doom is something humans enjoy doing, like playing cribbage or petanque.
Anyway, if the world doesn't end, but we are plunged into another "Dark Ages" I'm heading for the hills to build a pageant wagon. (The image accompanying this text is of a Medieval pageant wagon.) Once upon a time, actors hopped onto a wagon and took their act on the road. The Wagon was their home and their stage. Good times.
You are invited to join me. I'll be hunkering down in the Angeles National Forest near the western Highway 2 entrance. I'll need actors, dancers, musicians but also crafts people. Carpenters and the like. I have no need for electricians unless you know how to generate electricity in a post-apocalyptic world.
I figure we'll dramatize the stories we're most familiar with . . . such as Star Wars (as performed so well in the film Reign of Fire.) Yeah. That'd be cool.
Seriously. The world is not going to end in 2012.
It'll be 4772. [insert creepy X-Files-esque music here]
(By the way . . . here's a great site about Medieval Drama.)

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