06 December 2005

I posted the following words last year on my "My Space" blog. (I don't keep up with My Space. I'm too old and married.)

I put them here because of all the things I posted in My Space, this received the most interest.

And I believe the following still holds true.

* * *
I saw "A Charlie Brown Christmas" the other night. I forget what channel it was on (the one that's advertising "25 Days of Christmas" specials.) The first half hour was the classic special, crappily animated with a voice track obviously edited together line by line. Charlie Brown is down in the dumps, buys the skimpiest looking Christmas tree ever, discovers the true meaning of christmas, and everybody lives happily ever after (all to the awesome Vince Guaraldi Trio soundtrack.)
The second half hour was a slickly animated, cleanly voiced story involving some ice-skating contest. I turned it off after about three minutes.
The point is, you can't beat the classics. You can jazz it up, repackage it, make it look all pretty and new, and add some BS "feel good" theme. But the classic still stands the test of time.
Compare the old "Miracle on 34th Street" with the new one.
Compare the 1966 animated "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with the flashier, jazzier Jim Carrey version.
I rest my case.
Merry Christmas! Now go enjoy some classics!
* * *
End of reposting.
The wife and I went to Target a couple of weeks ago to pick up It's a Wonderful Life on DVD (on sale for $10!). Surprise, surprise, they were sold out. I should add, it was the ONLY holiday DVD that was sold out. Jim Carrey's Grinch, the Newer, crappy Miracle on 34th Street were in ample supply. It's a Wonderful Life has to be the most watched holiday movie of all time. I know I've seen it at least fifteen times. But it is obvioiusly the most in demand. Classics NEVER grow old.

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