04 December 2005

All about the puppets - Clownie

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Hello! I am not Andrew Moore. No, it's Mrs. Andrew Moore here. This is Clownie, another one of The Felties.

Clownie is based on a toy I had since I was born. He was this pillow-panel stuffed clown with a flowery shirt and eyes just like the puppet. Clownie and I had a strange relationship. I would take him to parties, take him to Grandma's house. I wouldn't take him to bed - Lord no. Sometimes I would just beat him up for fun. I like to punch him in the face or drop kick him. Then, whenever I felt like picking him up again, I'd go back about my business dragging him along behind me on my way to a new adventure.

I never felt bad about beating him. It wasn't abuse. It seemed oddly appropriate.

Which is why the character Clownie is always getting beaten up.

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