10 February 2006

Back to school! Back to school
To prove to Dad that I'm not a fool!
I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight
I hope I don't get in a fight!
Ohhhh, back to school!
Back to school! Back to school!

- Adam Sandler, from Billy Madison

You heard it here first folks, I'm back in school.

A month ago I made the following observation in my posting entitled "The Middle of the Affaire":

"My biggest resource . . . and I can not emphasize this enough . . . is my education. Perhaps if I had gone to film school, I would've made a movie. Well, I went to theatre school, so I made a play."

It wasn't just an observation, it was a realization -- an insight into why I feel like there's this huge wall between me and effective video production. (There really should be some sort of a catchy neologism for "realizations or insights you have while blogging." Maybe "blognition"?) Currently, my artistic "fall back position" is theater. I can make good theater in my sleep. I want cinema to be my fall back position!

Thus the decision to pursue the Cinema degree program at LAVC.

(On a side note, I often bitch and moan to my wife about how I miss having access to a "Union House" quality theater; full scene shop, costume shop and make-up studio etc. Our college experience may have been a bit rocky at times, but we had access to amazing tools and facilities, all for the price of tuition. Studying Cinema, I'll be able to get my grubby hands on the tools of the trade, I'll have ample time to feel things out and figure out what I'm doing, and I'll have the resources to create to my heart's desire. Hey -- it worked for learning theatre!)

So there. This changes nothing as far as The Felties is concerned; I'm pushing ahead with production. This is more of a "me" thing. Call it "self-improvement through higher education."

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