20 February 2006

I received the news on Saturday morning that a friend and collaborator of mine took his own life on Friday the 17th.

I'm vacilating between anger and disappointment. (Two sides of the same coin for me, really.)

My friend had everything going for him. The last time I saw him, he was in great spirits and optimistic about the projects he was working on. He was set to teach a class on succeeding as an actor, he was opening a coffee shop, and we were putting together a book for release this coming winter.

All of his work is done on the book. (He was writing, I am doing the art.) I know that I must finish the book, otherwise it'll hang around my neck for all the days I have left. I just don't know what to do with it once it's done.

Life goes on, no matter how bleak things may seem. Fortune shifts like the wind. Each new day is a chance to get it right. And even when the shit is piled so high there seems no way to dig out, there are friends and family willing to extend a hand or give a boast. I just wish Jimmy had seen that.

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