03 February 2006

Humor and Commentary

So I have this comic strip I've been doing on and off for a couple of years. I post the strips in the coffee shop I work at on weekends. They tend to be political, which gets me into all sorts of hot water. (My politics are libertarian, which means I step on everyone's toes. Except other libertarians.) That's fine, I like being a trouble maker. It keeps me feeling young.

My trouble with this strip is, I want to post the strip online, at the "Up to Bat" blog I've started (but neglected.) I feel as if I should write a brief abstract of the news I'm commenting on so that six months from now, people will know what the heck I was going on about.

Every now and then I catch a "classic" episode of Saturday Night Live. Invariably some of the humor flies right over mi cabeza. Because it's dated. It may have been the funniest thing on television at the time, but who cares now if no one gets the "current event" humor of thirty years ago?

On the other hand, SCTV is far funnier to me. They didn't air live, so their humor had to be less topical and more . . . dare I say imaginative?

What do you think?

Should "Up to Bat" fly out of the coffeehouse batcave and onto the net? Or should it stay dusty and tucked away like the news it's based on?

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