30 March 2006

Drew Update

Hola mis amigos , de Los Angeles, hogar a muchos immigrantes!

First, there has been a new episode of Disembodied Animal Head Theatre available for a few days now. Episdoe 3 will be along this weekend.

I had a huge exam last night in my film class. When I get the chance, I'll fill all fourteen of you in on how it went.

I know I've been slacking on the "Tuesday's Artists I Love." It's sort of been "Every-other Tuesday's Artists I Love" or "Whatever Tuesday I Get Around To It . . ." you get the point. I'll update it . . . probably on Friday.

Pamela is a blogomaniac. I should have her ghost-write for me.

I have a couple of big playwrighting deadlines coming up . . . more about that later.

And what about The Felties? The reason for this whole stupid blog? You got me. Actually, DAHT is proving to be a good training ground for learning what the hell I'm doing. I want to do more with Timmy Tubesock, as that better establishes Pamela and me and our wacky sense of humor in the very important online community of puppeteers. Also, I desperately need to meet up with my puppet builder and see how everything is going. In short, I'm working on a few great "zero step" projects, and need to reorganize my life a bit to get the first episode of The Felties shot.

I'd like to present the storyboards for the opening scene here . . . give all fourteen of you loyal readers a first look at the episode. Hmmm . . .

Anyway, I promise I'll try to be a better blogger.

(Aw damn. I should have joked about giving up blogging for Lent. Shoot. Too late now.)

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