02 March 2006

Pontification Is Easier Than Production

From Hugh Macleod's blog (3/01/06), an observation about blogs as tools:

because you can't live in a hammer

Blogs are like hammers. They are tools for building stuff.

When you talk about building a house with a carpenter, you don't mind him talking about his hammer for a while. Nobody minds indulging a craftsman, within reason.

"This hammer is great for this," he'll gush.

"This hammer is great for that..."

So you think yes, hammers are good things, and indeed his hammer looks like a particularly fine example.

But eventualy you're going to interrupt his joyous ode to hammers. After a couple of minutes
you're going to abruptly change the subject:

"Cool. Now let's talk about the ACTUAL HOUSE you're going to build for me..."

And if the carpenter is any good, he won't have any problem with that.

It's easy for me to comment on what I have planned with The Felties. Carving out the time to do the things that result in an actual product is a bit more difficult.

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