14 March 2006

Tuesday's Artists I Love

Quintron and Miss Pussycat are an eclectic and artistic couple out of New Orleans that make Pamela and I look Wonderbread plain. Seriously. We're talking whimsical with a capitol "H".

And I totally dig that about them! It's not just that they're off the wall (by now it should be obviously I have a fondness for artists who are "off the wall") it's that they are very good at what they do. I truly, truly, truly admire their commitment to their art.

First - Quintron. He's an organist specializing in . . . egad. I don't know how to even describe it. Lounge/ambient/dance music? Lo-Techno? If you'll listen to his stuff, maybe you can tell me. All I know is, it appeals to that part of me that salivates over super 8 cameras and yearns for dusty old used-book stores. (One day, some smart independent filmmaker will ask Quintron to compose music for his creepy little southern-gothic suspense film, and it'll ROCK.) He's also the inventor of DRUM BUDDY, a kind of manual/electronic drum machine. (Anyone who invents a music instrument is instantly god-like cool in my book.)

Next, Miss Pussycat. Growing up there seemed to be a real difference between the puppets on "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" and "Sesame Street"? I'm not talking about the obvious differences. I'm talking about something far more sublime. With the Muppets, it's easy to forget they are inanimate objects brought to life by talented performers. With the denizens of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, you had to more actively put it out of your mind. Hell, every last puppet sounded like Mr. Rogers! Especially the female characters! (Lady Elaine Fairchild, anyone?) Miss Pussycat's puppetry is on that Mr. Rogers level. It feels like a show, and that underused part of your mind reserved for the "suspension of disbelief" kicks into high gear and you find yourself totally engrossed. She has produced a couple of puppet videos, "North Pole Nutrias" and "The Electric Swamp". You can see clips from "The Electric Swamp" here.

The latest project from Quintron and Miss Pussycat is a CD/DVD release entitled "Swamp Tech". The CD is Quintron, the DVD is Miss Pussycat's "The Electric Swamp". BUY IT! SUPPORT THESE NEW ORLEANS BASED ARTISTS!!!

I've just barely scratched the surface of how cool this dynamic duo is. (They also are part of a 10 year-old Mardi Gras marching band!) Explore their sites, and get to know them!

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