17 March 2006


Los Angeles, CA -- Defying rumors that he is full of hot air, Andrew Moore completed, edited, uploaded, and blogged the first episode of his new one-man webseries, entitled "Disembodied Animal Head Theatre".

"It was really hard work. I mean, Tex [the rubber chicken host] alone took three takes to get right. Not to mention all the lines I had to memorize for all the different characters. Editing took all of one hour. To tell the truth, I don't think I was emotionally prepared for this amount of work. By the grace of dog [sic], I somehow made it through."

Although there is speculation that laziness and procrastination will set in and he will not continue to post new episodes on a weekly basis, Moore remains optimistic: "Come on, what else am I going to do with my liberal arts degree? Get a teaching job? Seriously though, I love Shakespeare and "Disembodied Animal Head Theatre" gives me a chance to pay my respect to The Bard in a deeply personal way."

Andrew Moore is working on three hundred forty-seven other projects at the moment, including two other puppetry series, "The Felties" and "Timmy Tubesock".

"Disembodied Animal Head Theatre" can be found at www.daht.blogspot.com.

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