01 June 2006

DAHT news:

I'm officially calling this thing a bi-weekly series. One thing I've learned is it's damn hard to do an episode a week. Heck, I've only done four episodes in eleven weeks -- Bi-weekly is going to be a stretch! I think it's safe to say at this juncture that The Felties will not start out as a weekly series.

I have updated my "flagship" CafePress shop, DAL MOTION PICTURES, with official Disembodied Animal Head Merchandise!

In addition to the fine black t-shirt you see to the right, the site features a wealth of items sporting the Dal Motion Pictures Logo, and a couple of other DAHT tees bearing Tex's mug, as drawn by yours truly.

I can't produce DAHT (let alone The Felties) with just my charm and good looks. As much as I wish I could. As soon as I'm up to a decent number of episodes I'll start selling DVDs, but in the meantime, I need to buy some sound equipment and lights, build a set and rent a space in which to shoot The Felties. I'll have original art for sale on eBay soon, and there's also my children's book at Punk Rock Kids. I'm trying to open up my economic flows.

I can be a bit more candid here (this is a "behind the scenes" type blog) so there you go -- open honesty about finances. In the coming days I'll unleash my money-making schemes onto the DAHT site, couched in such a way that ... well, you'll see!

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