24 June 2006

Words of Wisdom from the Creator of Ren & Stimpy

I've been following John Kricfalousi's blog ever since Andrew from Canada pointed to it in his blog. John K said something in the comments section that I feel is equally applicable to puppet shows, web-based or otherwise:

"Cartoons are like music to me. Regardless of whether the story is great or not, the whole experience should be pleasurable to the senses.

"It should earn the right to have you pay enough attention to see if there is a story worth thinking about."

This is what the Muppets got right from the start. It's actually kind of fun to pop in the Ed Sullivan dvd, and reflect on just how crappy some of the "stories" are. Where there is an actual story and not just an abstract idea. But who could argue with how visually arresting those gags are? Even something like "Mahna Mahna" is short on story, but a "pleasure for the senses".

Well, I certainly don't want The Felties to be visually boring or painful to the senses!

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